Our furry friends are more than just pets, for many they are members of the family. But these lovable pets can also bring some stinky messes and allergens to the home. Did you know that most pet beds and toys can easily be cleaned at home?

Here are some tips from our laundry expert Mary Zeitler on how to get those bulky beds  and toys squeaky clean.

  • Before washing –
    Check for tears that might need repair before washing.
    Spot treat stains if needed.
    Use a lint roller to remove most of the pet hair.
  • How to wash – 
    Select the bulky cycle. If your machine doesn’t have a bulky cycle, check your manual for an alternative.
    Select the warmest temperature that is safe for the material.
    If your washer has an option for a second rinse, select it. Bulky items like beds have lots of filler which can hold onto dirt and odors. This extra rinse will help remove the trapped dirt and odor and also ensure that excess detergent is removed.
    Washers tend to go off-balance with bulky items. To combat this effect add other items like pet towels or blankets to help equalize the load.