During the Holidays, an influx of guests and celebrations can fill up your refrigerator fast. Our Global Design expert Julia Burke has some easy ideas to help you re-organize in time for the influx of casseroles and party platters.



First things first! Make sure you clean out your fridge! Schedule a day to do a deep clean and remove any old or outdated items, this will free up much needed space.


Now that you’ve created extra space, it’s time to designate spaces for food and beverage. Having two separate spaces for food and beverage not only frees up space but it helps keep you and the rest of the family organized.


Try grouping small items or commonly used items together in a compartment or bin. This will help limit overflow and wasted space.


Don’t be afraid to move shelves around. Many refrigerators come in a standard configuration but are designed to be moved to accommodate your needs. Before moving your shelves, think about what your needs are. Do you need more tall storage for large items like pop bottles or milk or do you need low flat places for things like casserole dishes?


If you are hosting a holiday party, chances are you are going to need those low flat areas for party platters and casseroles. Try positioning a shelf lower to give you these areas to store. This will allow you to have a go-to spot for the platters while saving the space above for more storage.


An easy tip for french door refrigerators, is to organize with three shelves on one side and one on the other. This arrangement can create lots of large and tall spaces while still allowing plenty of areas for small and medium items.


Finally, make sure you leave plenty of room for your guests. Sometimes guests like to bring beverages or a dish to pass. Freeing up room before they arrive will save you time so you can spend more time celebrating and less time re-arranging.