Having places to store laundry supplies, fold clothes and treat stains will help make the chore a whole lot easier. The following tips will help you organize your laundry in no time.

Get the Family Involved

Recent research demonstrates that over half of Americans are solely responsible for the laundry in their homes. Anyone would drown in a sea of clothing with that amount of responsibility! Start by dividing up laundry chores like loading, folding and ironing amongst family members to lighten the load and keep peace in the laundry room.

Designate Areas for Laundry Tasks

Folding clothes on the floor and ironing on top of the washer aren’t good for fabrics, your appliances or your sanity. Even with minimal space, designating stations for treating, folding, sorting, or ironing ensures that supplies will be right at your fingertips, reducing time spent in the laundry room.

Storage, Storage, Storage

Easier said than done. But adequate storage makes it easier to go about your laundry business. A cabinet or rack above the washer and dryer keep cleaning solutions, clothespins and extra supplies within reach without getting in the way. Wooden pegs and a drying rack let you hang damp items as you take them out of the washer or dryer to help prevent wrinkles. Color coding baskets makes separating loads easy and can be a great task for the kids.

Keep a Stain Cheat Sheet Handy

The only thing worse than spilling red wine on a new blouse is not knowing how to remove it. Keep a stain sheet handy so you can remove stains right away or visit our Stain Assist.